Monkstone Miniatures Denizens of Dünnmere Descend Onto Kickstarter

October 1, 2020 by avernos

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Monkstone Miniatures have released the Denizens of Dünnmere onto Kickstarter a range of fantastic fantasy miniatures for 28mm games, with their campaign The Three Pigs & Other Denizens of Dünnmere

Monkstone Miniatures // The Denizens

Dünnmere is a land that has never been truly tamed by human folk, and the follies of bygone kings lay testament to this in the countless, crumbling fortresses that remain.

It is said that the great hearths in many of these strongholds still flicker with life. Boggart, brownie and goblin kings now sit upon their rotting thrones, squabbling over scraps and fighting amongst themselves. Their reigns often, like themselves, short and bloody.

​But it is not the hordes of boggarts that provide the most peril in Dünnmere. Beyond their walls the vast forests and soaring peaks are home to a myriad of beasts and monsters, and there are more fearsome things still.

Unspeakable evils crawl up through the earth itself. Black with slime, and older than the rocks they seep from, these abominations infest the hearts and minds of good folk, corrupting even the purest in time.

The Three Little Pigs Blow Your House Down // Monkstone Miniatures

I've already been lucky enough to unbox these beauties so if you want a closer look at them you can check that out right here. It's a lovely range of unique figures that will find a home among gamers and players alike. So if you want to upgrade your ogres to pigs then now is your chance!

" It's a lovely range of unique figures that will find a home among gamers and players alike."

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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