New Adventure Paths Await For Pathfinder 2nd Edition

August 5, 2019 by brennon

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Paizo has been really getting stuck into everything new for Pathfinder 2nd Edition and that, of course, means plenty of new Adventure Paths. The first of these we're looking at today is part of a larger campaign known as the Age Of Ashes, Hellknight Hill.

Pathfinder Hell Knight Hill - Paizo

Here's what the adventure is all about...

"Fires burn atop the ruined citadel on Hellknight Hill, sending plumes of red smoke into the air that could be a call for help. Within the old keep, strange invaders from a distant land, mysterious long-lost ruins, and the machinations of a shadowy organization await discovery.

Something dire is building toward an apocalyptic event, and it falls to your characters to stop the end before it begins. The Age of Ashes Adventure Path begins with "Hellknight Hill"—a complete adventure for 1st- to 4th-level characters."

This sounds very cool and I do like the idea that we're potentially seeing some different enemies for you to face in a first adventure. If nothing else, Hellknight Hill seems very 'metal' from the cover art that we've seen here.

Plaguestone Awaits

If you're looking for a story which isn't intertwined with a larger campaign then you also have a first-level adventure by the name of The Fall of Plaguestone.

Pathfinder The Fall Of Plaguestone - Paizo

Here's more about this one from the folks at Paizo!

"A group of new adventurers travelling through the village of Etran's Folly—also known as Plaguestone—must come together to solve the murder of a friend. What starts as a simple investigation quickly turns sinister with the discovery of forbidden alchemy, mutant animals, and a nearby forest rotting away due to a mysterious blight. It becomes clear that if these heroes don't intervene to stop whatever evil is brewing, the fall of Plaguestone is all but certain!

The Fall of Plaguestone is the first standalone adventure for Pathfinder Second Edition, designed for 1st-level characters. It tells the story of how a group of strangers band together to form a group of adventurers while saving the town of Etran's Folly from a terrifying fate, serving as a perfect introduction to a new Pathfinder campaign!"

I do think it would be great to see how they explore the way a group of adventurers come together and there's nothing which helps bond friends together like a terrifying foe. From the cover it looks like we'll be facing some standard fantasy fare; everyone loves a good wolf attack.

Are you going to be diving into the Pathfinder world with Paizo and the new edition?

"...there's nothing which helps bond friends together like a terrifying foe"

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