Dark New Scenario Free To Download For Zombicide!

September 6, 2021 by fcostin

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Since CMON has released Zombicide 2nd Edition, players have been provided week after week, new content with brand new and free scenarios - both solo and cooperative - to expand the game further without the extra release of more expansions and add-on sales.

Zombicide Bunny - Image 1

Bunny // Zombicide

This week, CMON has released quite the hopping scenario for Zombicide 2nd Edition, where players will take part in the Bunnylympics. Designating tasks to only special heroes up for the job.

Players have been set a new challenge with two pages worth of content this week outlining several objectives and tasks to complete.

"Bunny G challenged his friends to a game he called the Bunnylympics. He has a secret list with secret tasks fit for real heroes. He will reveal the list... as soon as he remembers what he wrote, because he lost the list. And the key to the shelter, too! (Don’ t tell Ned.)"

Making their way through dark and dreary hallways, players will be provided with a set of special rules to be used when playing out this scenario. They will need to complete several "Bunny Challenges" which are detailed on the map provided as part of the scenario, along with the obvious... get out to the exit unharmed by those flesh-eating zombies!

Zombicide Bunny - Image 2

Bunnylympics Map // Zombicide 2nd Edition Free Scenario

As this scenario is completely free, all players will need is their copy of Zombicide 2nd Edition, a reference to the new scenario (which can be downloaded here), and of course your heroes to take on the task with you. Only a few components and tiles from the main game will be needed to outplay this particular scenario - so do not worry about setting up your whole table.

Haven't got a copy of Zombicide 2nd Edition? Do not worry, CMON have been releasing a ton of scenarios across their range of Zombicide titles. If you have a thirst for Green Horde or Black Plague, be sure to check out the bank of scenarios that can be accessed via CMON and Guillotine Games.

Have you been playing the Zombicide free scenarios? What is your favourite one so far?

"Players have been set a new challenge with two pages worth of content this week outlining several objectives and tasks to complete..."

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