Weave New Tales In L5R RPG Sourcebooks From FFG

August 19, 2019 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games are continuing to chart the adventures of your Ronin in the Legend Of The Five Rings Roleplaying Game with a new Sourcebook and Adventure. Path Of Waves and Sins Of Regret are coming soon.

Path Of Waves & Sins Of Regret - FFG

The first book, the Path Of Waves sourcebook, delves deeper into the background of the world of Rokugan. You will be able to follow the stories and create characters that fit into the wandering lifestyle of the Ronin. You may even take on the role of a renegade peasant who is up in arms and has rebelled against their lord.

The focus is really on developing the idea of an outcast and how they fit into the world of Rokugan as a whole. In a land where everyone swears fealty to someone and does their duty, striving to be the most honourable man or woman they can, it could be hard but incredibly rewarding following this particular path.

You'll also find a brand new set of questions in the book for helping you build your new outcast characters. This puts a very nice new spin on the game which I like.

Sins Of Regret

In order to support this new supplement the companion adventure, Sins Of Regret offers up a story which flows nicely with the ethos of Path Of Waves.

Path Of Waves & Sins Of Regret Art Fan - FFG

You will be forced to face difficult decisions as you find yourself at the feet of Lord Jikai. You have concerns of your own to raise with your ruler but he has troubles of his own too. Will you seek a way to help him and perhaps tip the scales in your favour or press him to deal with your problems and help the land. The adventure is set to test the honourable qualities of all of your party so keep that in mind!

Will you be diving into this with your group?

"The adventure is set to test the honourable qualities of all of your party so keep that in mind!"

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