Glimpse The Next War Machines of Warzone Resurrection

April 7, 2017 by dracs

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Prodos Games have started to publish a series of previews for models that will soon be appearing in Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection.

Warzone Preview

So far, we've received little more than glimpses. The above image is obviously something new (and undoubtedly nasty) for my faction of choice, the Dark Legion.

Aside from this, we've been glimpses of two stats, one of which looks to be from the Cybertronic faction.

Warzone Preview Stats

Warzone Preview Stats 2

The most exciting revelation though has to be these blueprints for a new tank.

Warzone Preview Tank

This tank promises to be a true monster. That gun is insane!

Given the blocky, industrial style, I did think this might be from Bauhaus, but the guy with the high peak cap sticking out of the top is more in keeping with the Imperials.

What do you think these will all turn out to be? Is there anything else you want to see in Warzone Resurrection?

"That gun is insane!"

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