The Ninjing Battleship Shows The Pride of China in Dystopian Wars

February 5, 2018 by dracs

It looks like China have their own major contribution to the Celestial Navy, as Warcradle preview the Ninjing Battleship for Dystopian Wars.


Ninjing Side

The Ninjing Battleship is the pride of China, sailing out alongside the Japanese Kaiju and other ships of the Celestial Empire.

There is apparently even a bet on between the emperors about which would win if they went toe to toe. Could be fun to find out...

Ninjing Top

Ninjing Back

This ship looks very imposing, and has a style that will help set it apart from the more Japanese influenced ship designs it will sail with.

It is interesting to see this level of minor factionalism within the larger faction. It opens up room for themed army lists and I hope it is something we will see more of from Warcradle.

What are your thoughts on this ship?

"The Ninjing Battleship is the pride of China."

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