OddFish Games Releases How To RPG With Your Cat On Kickstarter

October 1, 2021 by fcostin

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Do you have a wandering cat that likes to be the centre of attention at games night? Knocking counters over, meowing for a cuddle or even sitting on your lap for some hugs and warmth?

RPG With Your Cat - Image One

How To RPG With Your Cat // OddFish Games

What if I told you that your fearsome feline can come on some RPG adventures with you? How To RPG With Your Cat by OddFish Games is now live on Kickstarter. After being funded in 48 hours, players have rushed to back a quirky new way to bring their furry best friend along with them in their whimsical journeys.

How To RPG With Your Cat Kickstarter Video

Players have many different ways that they can immerse their kitty into their tabletop adventures. Whether they want to play solo and create an adventure for just them and their feline friend, add them into a current TTRPG campaign, embed them as a familiar or pet to an existing TTRPG character, or use them as a boss or antagonist as part of an ongoing campaign. Cats make such good bosses, they are already fundamentally evil! But we still love them anyway.

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When I say that this Kickstarter has quite clearly been made by cat lovers who know their audience very well - I am not lying! If you are looking to truly immerse your cat into the role of Meowcromancer, a pledge of $400 is available including a full set of armour for them to purr in full get-up throughout the campaign. When I showed all of my cat friends this Kickstarter, their response was "Oh, am I about to drop $400 on a Kickstarter?".

Whether you are after the digital-only edition, or the physical copy: there are various different pledges to get your paws clean with some catastrophe on the tabletop.

If you are interested in the idea, and would love to see how it works. be sure to check out the How to Play from OddFish Games' official channel.

How to Play How to RPG with Your Cat

The Kickstarter campaign has 13 days left to go, so dig out some kitty armour and pull out the kibble, and immerse your cat into the environment you love.

Would you incorporate your cat into your RPG? My cat Pascal would be attacking dice as they were rolled... He is only a Kitten though! Maybe he needs some training before he can truly step up to become a Meowcromancer. 

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