OPR Release Updated Grimdark & Age Of Fantasy Rulebooks

June 28, 2019 by brennon

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One Page Rules (OPR) have updated their rulebooks for both Grimdark Future and Age Of Fantasy, offering you quick and friendly rules for playing out mass battles on the tabletop.

Grimdark Future - One Page Rules

Download Grimdark Future Rules

Each of the new rulebooks has been given a wonderful piece of cover art thanks to Brandon Gillam, also known as Runehammer. As well as new artwork, which is very prevalent in the new Age Of Magic rulebook, is in addition to plenty of rules tweaks and such which help make the games quicker and easier to play.

Age Of Fantasy - One Page Rules

Download Age Of Fantasy Rules

Alongside each of the rulebooks, you'll also be able to download a bunch of army lists for the most popular armies out there on the tabletop right now. The games are playable with miniatures from any manufacturer and have been designed so they are accessible and easy to get your head around.

You can help out Gaetano Ferrara and One Page Rules on Patreon however if you'd like to get access to early content and fancier downloads. Because this is community funded and open to feedback, it means that the game is living and ever-changing, allowing it to be tweaked whenever something gets a little too powerful!

Will you be giving these rules a look?

"You can help out Gaetano Ferrara and One Page Rules on Patreon..."

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