Osprey Games Offer Up Frostgrave Rules For FREE!

March 30, 2020 by brennon

Osprey Games is doing their bit for those affected by COVID-19 and stuck inside as they offer up the main rules for Frostgrave in eBook form for free. Yep, you can pick up the Core Rules for the game so you can have fun in the Frozen Ruins of Felstad.

Frostgrave Free - Osprey Games

All you have to do is snap up the eBook from their webstore HERE and then add the code FGV2020 once you get to the checkout. Then, you'll be set to start building warbands and learning spells as you plunder the ruins of Felstad in search of treasure and fame. Frostgrave is a pretty well-loved game and has been supported by a wealth of content which you can find HERE which would be good for expanding your adventures once you've played a bit.

In addition to the Core Rules being available for free, you can also download some solo and cooperative scenarios in Dark Alchemy for free too.

"Dark Alchemy is an ebook only mini-expansion for Frostgrave that includes a three-scenario campaign which can be played by either solo by one player or by two players working co-operatively. It also includes an expanded potions table, with numerous new magical elixirs, as well as new rules for the buying, selling, and creation of potions."

Again, all you have to do is add it to your basket and then use the code FGV2020 when you get to checkout. This means you'll be able to dive in and play around with the game in a different way whilst also enjoying it alongside some friends. Working together can be more fun than fighting against each other sometimes.

Perilous Dark Preview

Frostgrave is also getting itself a full set of solo and cooperative rules as part of Perilous Dark so if you're interested in that you can not only snap it up for yourself but also consider taking a dive into the book as part of a free preview which can be downloaded HERE.

This gives you a snapshot of the game and these updated rules. There is plenty for you to get stuck into when it comes to playing Frostgrave and it could be just what you need to calm those isolation blues. There is an avid community around the game too and it is well worth diving in to see what they're up to on over on Facebook.

Are you going to be downloading these goodies?

"Frostgrave is a pretty well-loved game and has been supported by a wealth of content..."

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