Para Bellum Quicken Force Grown Drones For Conquest Core Set

March 8, 2019 by dracs

Para Bellum have introduced us to another of the units that make up Conquest. This time, we find out about the wretched existence of The Spire's Force Grown Drones.

The Force Grown Drones are, despite their wretched nature, a triumph of The Spire's biomantic workings. They form the backbone of The Spire's troops, existing only to die when it is most convenient for their masters.

All drone strains have undergone Biomantic procedures to reduce the initiative and self-preservation of their populations, while increasing desired traits such as muscle mass and aggression, yet none of these invasive processes has ever gone as far as the alterations made on the Force Grown Drones. These wretched creatures lack almost all volition; their sole purpose is to die at the appointed time. To this end, they were engineered to have no immune system so that their gestation might be that much faster. Their distinctive wrapping is soaked in antiseptics and numbing agents to extend their miserable existence just long enough for them to die in the field of battle.

The idea of facing an army made up of creatures like the Force Grown Drones is terrifying, especially given just how callous The Spire is in their use.

After witnessing a Force Grown Drone, one could imagine that they are a byproduct of some other Biomantic process gone awry. Nothing could be further from the truth; the design of their strains represents a groundbreaking triumph for the Biomancers. The end result is a being that can be gestated within a week and kept dormant until quickened. In meantime, they can be stored within vast racks in the massive storage caverns of the Underspire. When requested, entire racks of these dormant drones can be hitched on to massive, tented, cathedral-like wagons, pulled by dozens of the Brute Drones. This resource efficiency makes these drones even more alarming when deployed by the Merchant Princes, who can transfer massive numbers with their airship fleets behind enemy lines. With such a short life expectancy, Force Grown Drones are only quickened when needed, with prudent Spire commanders quickening a small portion of their forces, despite the guaranteed losses, lest the army be attacked on the march.

Twenty-four of these creations will be included as part of the Conquest Core Set.

If you want to learn more about The Spire and their Force Grown Drones, check them out here.

Are you excited for Conquest's release? Remember to keep an eye out for Para Bellum's Live Blog as they head out across America. 

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