Post Apocalyptic Across The Dead Earth Is Now Available!

December 1, 2014 by brennon

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Dead Earth Games have released their post-apocalyptic game of skirmishing warbands (with a neat background set in the UK rather than the US which is neat!) See what you think of the Rulebook and the various gangs including The Family, Red Claw Gang and The State...

Across the Dead Earth Rulebook

First up we have the rulebook itself which exists as a printed version and as a PDF if you fancy going down the digital root. The rules are neat and you'll get some awesome background material on top of them. Don't forget the illustrations too which will help when making those great pieces of terrain for the game.

The idea is that you'll be building up a warband and gaining skills and more weaponry as time goes on. I love narrative games that focus in on developing your faction over time.

The Family

The Red Claw Gang

The State

Above are (in order) The Family, The Red Claw Gang and The State which are all different takes on the post-apocalyptic faction. The Family look like a group of survivors from the likes of The Walking Dead whereas the Red Claw Gang are very much a 'road warrior' style warband that you'd see in all those old movies!

Last but not least are the more militaristic The State who comes with some awesome weaponry and an authority complex too I reckon.

Which do you think is for you?

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