15mm.Co.Uk Prepare For Battle With The Tavshar Mecha!

November 22, 2016 by brennon

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15mm.co.uk has teamed up with Loud Ninja Games to produce a range of Tavshar Mecha in, you guessed it, 15mm scale, and they are looking utterly epic!

15mm Tavshar Mecha

Yes...these are THAT epic. So, what exactly are they?

"Archons are elite war machines, piloted by Tavshar that have reached the rank of Prime and shown their prowess in battle above other Primes, making them the elite among elites. Archon is not only the name of the mecha but also the new rank of those who pilot them.

Each Archon selects its weapon load based on its mission or sometimes the preference of the individual Archon where command edict does not override personal choice. A mix of weapon types is common, allowing Archons operating in force to counter unexpected threats. Archons are most often tasked with providing heavy support to lesser troops alone or in small groups, but may be used as strike teams by themselves."

The painted model above is fascinating and looks superb when standing next to one of their standard soldiers in the same scale. There are also going to be a variety of different variants on the way too with different load outs...

Tavshar Battler Archon

First up we have the Tavshar Hell Rain Archon which comes armed with a deadly looking Ripper Cannon. You could imagine this Mecha supporting the others from range. Talking of ranged Mecha we also have the Star Slayer Archon.

Tavshar Guardian Archon

This fellow is carrying around a Two-Handed Singularity Lance. It sounds as deadly as you imagine.

Tavshar Trooper Archon

Tavshar Battler Archon

The Battler and Trooper Archon here is looking a little more adaptable. Holding up what is, to it, a pistol I could see it leaping around the battlefield using its free hand to land some sickening punches to those who are unaware of it.

Last but not least we have the Firestorm Archon which is armed to the teeth with rockets ready to land a salvo slap bang in front of the enemy position.

Tavshar Firestorm Archon

All of these would make for an awesome looking set of Mecha to take to the tabletop. As we mentioned last time we checked out a Mech it would be awesome to do some kind of deathmatch with these as you pit them against each other. In 15mm scale you'd also be able to add more of them to the tabletop!

What do you think of these designs?

"All of these would make for an awesome looking set of Mecha to take to the tabletop..."

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