New Previews Hit For Star Wars: Destiny’s Legacies Set

December 11, 2017 by brennon

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Star Wars: Destiny gets itself a new set of cards soon with the Legacies release. This brings in some awesome new cards, and some quirky ones too, mixing up the Destiny world. We've got previews recently for both the Yellow and Red cards from the set thanks to Fantasy Flight Games.

Yellow Card Fan - Star Wars Destiny

We'll start with the Yellow Cards as we look at some fan favourites like Greedo now being thrown into the mix. His dice and mechanics seem very thematic and the power of his cards works nicely in decks where you want to pile on the damage as quickly as possible.

This set also comes with the excellent card, Cantina Brawl, which just keeps dishing out damage for as long as the participants are willing to spend cards. Also, for those who thought they'd ignore him...Jar Jar Binks has found his way into the set.

Jar Jar Binks - Star Wars Destiny

His dice are concentrated around the use of many different options but the power on this card is the real winner here. He might just be a one dice character in many peoples collection but if you can get that effect to work he will be able to mess around with some of the big hitters out there.

We also saw one of the first big Neutral characters from the new Legacies set with Hondo Ohnaka here. Being able to slot into different Hero and Villain decks makes him a potent ally and whilst he has no direct damage output the special on his dice should keep your foe poor.

Hondo Ohnaka - Star Wars Destiny

The Yellow cards from the set are looking to be a lot of fun and this was a nice indicator of the kind of awesome things we might see in the set going forward. A lot more emphasis seems to have been put on the theme and tweaking the game to solve some of the problems that have grown out of it over the last year or so.

Military Influence

We also got a new preview of the Red cards a few days ago as well which added some awesome characters and more into the mix.

Red Card Fan - Star Wars Destiny

You'll see the first card that caught people's eye here with Tarkin arriving to instil terror across the system. He is another one of these characters that have no direct damage output but instead works as a controller on the battlefield. He can even remove his blanks if they both come up to deal that indirect damage to your opponent.

Finn was an awesome addition to see dropped into the mix as well, building on his character from The Last Jedi no doubt. He has a set of reliable sides to his dice and his special can be helpful for picking off particular characters.

Finn - Star Wars Destiny

He comes in at an interesting price as well so you might be able to run another two die character with him to get some extra punch on the tabletop. It's interesting seeing how many characters now have this indirect damage symbol on their cards too, changing the dynamic of how you apply and think about damage going forward.

Last but not least, from my picks at least, we have this card.

Final Moment - Star Wars Destiny

Taken from Rogue One, this card is very thematic indeed. I like the idea of saving up those credits for a last-ditch attempt at a win as your opponent thinks they have you beat. It seems very 'Rebel Alliance' and very Star Wars.

Are you liking the look of these new cards?

"...Jar Jar Binks has found his way into the set!"

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