Privateer Get Their Guns Out In Latest Warmachine Release

May 23, 2019 by cassn

Privateer Press have released three new sets of miniature mercenaries for Warmachine which will bring the glory of gunpowder to your tabletop! As the Steelhead Mercenary Company evolved into a larger outfit with multiple armies, it was only natural to establish an artillery division.


At the head of that division is the cannon as a mainstay of artillery weaponry, providing the firepower backbeat to the emblazoned shouts of accompanying riflemen and halberdiers. The force of one of these blasts is enough to shake any advancing soldiers to the ground.


Engineered as a modification of an Ordic weapon originally invented by Midfast Munitions, the Steelhead Volley Gun is a triumph of modern design. A double-rowed rack of seven barrels fire solid sequential shots to completely decimate opponents. The only real downside is the strength of the recoil, which leaves the gun crew in constant motion as they try to compensate their trajectories.


Finally, the mortar team fires explosive arcs into the air, delivering their payload onto the heads of distant targets before they become a more serious threat. While mortars are lacking in accuracy, they more than compensate for this deficiency with the sheer force of their payload delivery - obliterating all infantry and leaving craters and chaos in their wake.

So if you've got the urge for guts, glory, and gunpowder, head over to the Privateer Press store and gear up now!

Which of these gun crews are your favourite? Vote below!

"Guts, glory, and gunpowder!"

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