Pugmire Pirates & Legendlore Appear On Onyx Path’s Horizon

May 8, 2019 by dracs

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Some exciting new games are on the way from Onyx Path, ranging from the latest foray into the world of Pugmire to an adaptation of an 80s comic classic.

Avast Ye Sea Dog!

Onyx Path published a preview of the new logo for Pirates of Pugmire, the latest addition to Eddy Webb's world of anthropomorphic fantasy.

Pirates of Pugmire will be launching soon on Kickstarter. It takes the game away from the familiar, Euro-centric settings of Pugmire and Monarchies of Mau, and allows you to set sail as a true sea dog.

This new addition promises to provide rules for all new player species, including lizard and bird characters, which have me extremely excited. Not only can I be a pirate, I can be a lizard pirate!? Awesome.

I recently conducted an interview with Eddy Webb, Pugmire's creator, which will be appearing OnTableTop tomorrow, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

Cross Into The Realm

Games developer Steffie de Vaan has written up a quick introduction to Onyx Path's upcoming RPG Legendlore, letting us know what to expect from this new fantasy game.

The game is based around The Realm and Legendlore comic books, which were first published in the 1980s, and told the story of a group of people from our world who fell through a Crossing into a Dungeons & Dragons-style fantasy realm.

Upon reaching this fantasy world, the characters discovered that they too had gained fantasy powers, with one becoming the fighter, another a mage, etc.

It's this aspect of the setting, the idea your character can be YOU, that really appeals about Legendlore.

This is the basic premise of the Legendlore RPG. You Cross into the Realm, where Steffie the author / game developer becomes Steffie the hairfoot Bard, or maybe Steffie the elven Sorcerer – I didn’t stat myself yet. You can change any characteristics you like. For example I have hay fever and glasses, and I choose if my Legendlore self keeps or drops those. Your identity might not always match your outward physique, but your Legendlore character does. We also updated the 1980’s setting so Realmborn characters represent all ethnicities, genders, and sexualities. No one in the Realm will bat an eyelash at your agender panromantic self. - Steffie de Vaan

I had not come across Legendlore before, but reading Steffie's introduction to it has me really interested to find out more.

Being "Trapped In Another World" is nothing new to fantasy. In fact, there is even a term for it in relation to Japanese light novels: Isekai. However, this focus on recreating yourself for a fantasy RPG and furthermore seeing how other such Visitors have left their mark on the setting is one I am very excited to explore further.

What sort of fantasy adventurer do you think you'd end up as? (Halfling scholar, right here)

"Not only can I be a pirate, I can be a lizard pirate!? Awesome. "

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"You Cross into the Realm, where Steffie the author / game developer becomes Steffie the hairfoot Bard."

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