Pulp City Backer Creates Supreme Doctor Warlock

October 17, 2014 by dracs

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You might remember that when Pulp City was running its recent Kickstarter, it offered a Supreme Genesis pledge level that gave fans the chance to create their own Supreme. Now the latest of these fan-made heroes has appeared, the mystical master Doctor Warlock.

Doctor Warlock

Created by long-time Pulp City community member Drew (a.k.a Doctor Warlock), this supreme is apparently based upon a character that he had used in other games in the past.

The appearance of this supreme is reminiscent of other magic based comic heroes who have appeared over the years, most notably the DC Comics hero Zatara, while the gesture of his hand and the flowing cloak calls to mind Doctor Strange from Marvel's universe. Personally, I love this style of hero as it creates a real sense of mystery about them, even without the use of a mask.

What do you think of Drew's Supreme for Pulp City? What sort of hero would you come up with?

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