Pure Evil Minis Bring Fighting Fantasy Villains To Life!

September 24, 2014 by brennon

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Do you remember Zagor the Warlock? How about the Lizard King? These were villainous foes from the world of Fighting Fantasy and they are going to be reincarnated in miniature form by Pure Evil Miniatures!

Shape Changer, Bloodbeast & Lizard King

First up we have the Shapechanger from Forest of Doom, the Bloodbeast from Deathtrap Dungeon and the Lizard King from Island of the Lizard King complete with his snarling Black Lion.

Brain Flayer, Creature of Havoc, Zagor, & Zanbar

Next up is the Brain Flayer, Creature of Havoc, Zagor the Warlock and Zanbar from the City of Thieve. All of these miniatures have been made in high quality resin and Ian Livingstone himself has insisted on quality over quantity when it comes to the sculpts and the production behind it all.

They do look like stunning miniatures and great re-creations of the original artwork even from this small preview. The chaps behind it, Pure Evil, will be taking them to Kickstarter in 2015!

Thanks to Raphael Perry for the images!

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