Recruit Han and Chewie to Fight the Evil Empire’s Forces!

October 14, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Fantasy Flight Games is churning out some more awesomeness! This time for the new and soon to be released Imperial Assault game. They have announced new Ally and Villain packs to be able to expand your game universe.

Ally and Villain Packs

So now you can add some actual miniatures to this already impressive game by replacing some of the character tokens with these packs. Not only do you get a nicely detailed miniature but also side missions that can be woven into campaigns already running. There are also command cards to add to your deck for when you play the skirmish version of Imperial Assault (which I am more interested in). There are seven new packs in all that they have added and I can only imagine there will be more!

Han Solo IA

Oh and get a look at the new AT-ST pack, I see some Endor Forest Battles happening on that gorgeous table that Lloyd and Warren built. Even Oriskany might have something up his sleeve to make this into an interesting wargame!

IA Figures

This is making this game a must have for me, what about you?

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