Renegade Games Studios Celebrates Power Rangers Month!

February 2, 2022 by fcostin

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Released and now available on our shelves since the end of January, players can take the role of their own bespoke mighty morphin' Power Ranger, taking on legendary and nostalgic villains and foiling devious, spandex-wearing plans across the universe in the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game.

However the Core Book may be released, but Renegade Game Studios are still dishing out content. This month, the publisher will be celebrating their release of the RPG with Ranger Month. As they provide a new threat each week to embed into your campaign, to take down in glorious finesse.

Core Rulebook - Power Rangers Roleplaying Game

Core Rulebook // Power Rangers Roleplaying Game

To kick off Ranger Month, on January 31st Renegade added their first opponent, the notorious Eye Guy. Screeching nostalgia for me back in the days of early Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, this devious and psychopathic foe is a force to be reckoned with.

Notorious Eye Guy - Power Rangers RPG

Notorious Eye Guy Artwork // Power Rangers Roleplaying Game

Equipped with Eye Laser to keep your character on your toes, and the ability to detach the main eye in conflict. This intelligent villain brings flames to the battle too - so be sure to not come at him equipped.

For the full stats on the Eye Guy, be sure to head over to the announcement at Renegade Games Studios to download two pages on the ins and outs of this disturbed foe, for absolutely free.

Each Monday, roleplayers will be able to add new monsters to their bank. So if you are immersed in the perils of the Power Rangers, be sure to keep your eyes peels for the announcements over Ranger Month.

What Power Ranger villain would you like to see a return of? 

"The notorious Eye Guy: screeching nostalgia for me, this devious and psychopathic foe is a force to be reckoned with..."

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