Ride Into the Bronze Age on Hail Caesar 2 Horse Light Chariots

November 28, 2014 by dracs

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Warlord Games have released three variant sets of the two horse Light Chariots that were ridden to war throughout the Bronze Age.

2 Horse Light Chariot I

2 Horse Light Chariot II

2 Horse Light Chariot III

Each of these chariots, complete with their crew of archers and drivers, feature small variations. These depict progress in the development of the chariot throughout the Bronze Age, with the earliest of these only having four spokes on its wheel and unarmoured horses, while the third has a six spoked wheel and the horses are well protected.

The chariot remained the height of military technology for a long time, their mobility, protection and hitting power making them in many ways the tanks of the ancient world. It is great to see slight variations, allowing you to accurately portray which time period your force belongs to in Hail Caesar.

Would you ride one of these into Hail Caesar?

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