Sine Nomine Brings Dark Age RPG Wolves Of God To Kickstarter

October 10, 2019 by brennon

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Sine Nomine Publishing helmed by Kevin Crawford has taken to Kickstarter to bring the new roleplaying game, Wolves Of God, to the tabletop. Prepare for adventures in Dark Age England.

Wolves Of God Art #1

The game is focused on a semi-historical take on the period where you'll find familiar looks back at the period but with a few twists here that bring an essence of the fantastical into the equation. Whilst a new Christian world is emerging in the wake of the fallen Roman Empire and Pagan Priests from the North still talk of the Old Gods there are also darker things in the shadows, the Arxes who were sealed away long ago and now roam the Isles as monstrous beasts and twisted men.

Wolves Of God Art #2

You take on the role of a hero who might be able to put an end to these terrible creations roaming their way across the land. However, all heroes also have other things they must consider, be it the whims of local lords, cunning spies and cutthroats in the shadows and others who are seeking to make a name for themselves in this new twisted land.

Inside the final version of the book you'll find...

  • Old-school character creation to build English heroes with destined wyrds and backgrounds that fit their society.
  • Historically-informed magic for sorcerous Galdormen and suitable holy miracles for pious Saints.
  • Systems to support not only conventional adventuring, but culturally-critical activities such as cattle raiding and ceremonial feasting.
  • Descriptions of English society and culture written to focus on adventuring possibilities and game-relevant aspects of the world. Need a barbarian culture for your own world? Just re-flavor the English and get the historically-coherent society you need.
  • Special focus on building minsters and using them as home bases for classic adventuring bands, guidelines that can easily be translated to other fantasy worlds.
  • System-neutral adventure creation tools for building culturally-specific adventures around noble intrigue, Roman caestercrawling, Arx-delving, and wilderness journeying.
  • A bestiary of savage English monsters both historical and fanciful, with tools for randomizing their powers and presenting fresh mysteries for those who battle them.
  • Guidelines for warband mass combat and barbarian lordship, where the might of a lord is fundamentally tied to the loyalty of his faithful hall-friends and the strength of their spears.
  • A gazetteer of Dark Ages England, with a map of the land and a dramatis personae of historical personages who can fuel adventure for a brave warband.

The game of Wolves Of God is also compatible with the Sci-Fi roleplaying game Stars Without Number in an odd twist of fate allowing you to mix things up even more if you so desire. However, I think I'd be sticking to the Dark Age theme and exploring what that had to offer.

Wolves Of God Art #3

The game sounds very cool indeed and if you pledge for the campaign you'll immediately get access to a draft version of the rules which you can take away with you and try out with your friends. Having quick access to the game so you can see if the rules are for you is a key element of Kickstarter nowadays.

Could you be tempted to give this roleplaying game a go?

"...if you pledge for the campaign you'll immediately get access to a draft version of the rules"

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

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