Smite Mighty Foes With Black Crow’s 75mm Eldareon

August 26, 2019 by brennon

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Black Crow Miniatures has added a new 75mm miniature into the mix for painters and hobbyists to enjoy. Here we have the imperious looking Eldareon who has just slain a Dragon or Demon on the battlefield.

Eldareon - Black Crow Miniatures

This miniature here was sculpted by Edgar Ramos based on the artwork by Guillermo Gonzalez and I think it looks pretty impressive. I love the armour style which is very flowing and fitting, perfect for an Elf, and the stoic look of victory on his face gives you the impression of a warrior for whom this was a simple task.

Eldareon (Alt) - Black Crow Miniatures

The model reminds me a lot of Glorfindel from Middle-earth, alas not the one from the books but the one from further back in time who battled a Balrog. I could see this being tweaked to fit that setting and used as a take on that character and that story.

I imagine someone is going to have a lot of fun working this into a diorama and getting the blood on the Dragon/Demons head just right!

What do you make of Eldareon?

"The model reminds me a lot of Glorfindel from Middle-earth..."

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