Spartan Games’ Dystopian Legions Launch Detailed!

September 14, 2012 by brennon

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Dystopian Legions from Spartan Games is going to be releasing from November 7th this year! Here is an awesome look at the miniatures you can look forwards too when this game hits the shelves!

Prussian Empire...

Prussian Empire Starter Set

Prussian Empire Army Medic

Prussian Empire Infantry Section

Kingdom of Britannia...

Kingdom of Britannia Starter Set

Kingdom of Britannia Musician

Kingdom of Britannia Infantry Section

Empire of the Rising Sun...

Empire of the Rising Sun Starter Set

Empire of the Rising Sun Medic

Empire of the Rising Sun Infantry Section

Federated States of America...

Federated States of America Starter Set

Federated States of America Forward Observer

Federated States of America Infantry Section

Each of these sets will come with a range of different models to get you started, as well as a small rules booklet containing everything you need to play. This rulebook will also be available for download on the Spartan Games website, and be turned into a full hardback rulebook in the future.

Here is also a sneak peek inside the box sets showing the models for each of the four main factions...

Prussian Empire Contents

Kingdom of Britannia Contents

Federated States of America Contents

Empire of the Rising Sun Contents

This is looking like a fantastic launch for a series of miniatures that I reckon many of you will be picking up. The quality looks superb and if the past is anything to go by, we're going to get a great rule set for them too.

Go and pre-order these miniatures right NOW!

Box Content Images from Tabletop Fix

So are you guys as excited as me for this release?

Let me know what you think below!

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