Spartan Share Intel on the Federal Infantry of Dystopian Legions

October 16, 2012 by brennon

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Spartan Games have been looking into Dystopian Legions with a little more intelligence on the Federated States of America and their infantry. Check out a few renders of the miniatures themselves and maybe decide if they are your force of choice...

Federal Infantry #1

Federal Infantry #2

Federal Infantry #3

Above you can see the Federated States Infantry armed with Winchester Carbines. While troops would have typically ranked up and marched into battle ready to fire in lines the Federated State troops spread out and adopt a more skirmish formation. This is also to deal with the devastating new weapons that the world of Dystopian Wars has produced!

Federal Officer

FSA Lieutenant (Fourth from Left)

Of course every trooper needs someone to lead them into battle and that's where the Federal Lieutenants come in. These guys keep the regular infantry alive with extra command points and a revolver that can add a serious punch to the units fire power up close.

Regardless of their tactical use on the battlefield, these models are looking superb. The game should be awesome as well, but the real question is which faction will you be looking at getting?

Let me know what you think of the Federated States and the game as a whole below!

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