Strike From The Shadows With ClearHorizon HADES Wraiths

November 9, 2015 by brennon

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ClearHorizon have some more special operations troops for you to use in your near future games. Striking from the shadows we have the HADES Wraiths which you can see below armed with some deadly railguns which are nasty against both infantry and vehicles...

HADES Wraiths #1

Each of the Wraiths is equipped with a jetpack which allows them to be dropped from high orbit where they can soar for miles under the radars of the enemy before landing in their back yard before going into stealth mode. They can also use the jetpacks to manoeuvre in space when boarding ships.

HADES Wraiths #2

In a fusion of man and machine the operators who wear these suits have been extensively cybernetically enhanced allowing them to be directly linked into their armour. If the suit is damaged therefore they can easily be repaired and the pilot can also eject to fight on anyway.

HADES Wraiths #3

Model-wise I do like them but I think the big jet packs could have been a bit more streamlined. I know that they have been designed like this to look realistic and practical but I would have liked them to be a slimmer to the miniature.

What do you think?

"They can also use the jetpacks to manoeuvre in space when boarding ships..."

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