The Cold War Comes To Full Metal Miniatures

August 3, 2021 by avernos

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Full Metal Miniatures started as one man's fascination with the Vietnam War and his passion for military history, over time he has continued to build an extensive catalogue covering both civilians and combatants from both sides but now Full Metal Miniatures are moving to the Cold War and the first vehicle is now available.

FV432 APC // Full Metal Miniatures

The FV432 was the workhorse of the British Army throughout the 1980s, but first entered service in 1963 and although it is being phased out they are still used today. This is partly due to the flexibility of the vehicle and it has been modified beyond its normal APC use to become command, recovery, and communications vehicles, or ammo carriers and ambulances.

This vehicle for the British Army of the Rhine is 1/56 scale and cast in resin. All top hatches can be fitted either open or closed, and as you can see from the work in progress photos the casting is crisp and the detailing is very good. As always I have a slight issue with the 3D print lines on the master but that can be easily fixed or left alone depending on how you feel, a heavy primer will mask most of them and none are so egregious that it would put me off picking one up.

Having seen the work that has gone into the Vietnam range I can't wait to see what will be produced for NATO in the Cold War and while this is the first I cannot imagine that it will be alone for long, so if you plan on some alternative history gaming or modern conflicts then you should definitely bookmark Full Metal Miniatures and keep an eye on what is upcoming from them.

What system for Cold War Conflicts would you use?

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