Track Everything With New Token Sets For D&D Classes By GF9

March 11, 2020 by brennon

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Gale Force Nine is continuing their reveals from GAMA this week as they showed off a bunch of new Token Sets which are coming to their Dungeons & Dragons range.

Fighter Tokens - Gale Force Nine

Each of these sets will feature all of the tokens that you might need to track what has happened to you during the game. Available in a neat tin, they can just get packaged in next to your character sheet and your dice so you can take them to each session.

As well as the tokens you'll also find a Combat Tile which has been designed to track all of those things that happen during a game without having to rub out stuff on your character sheet. So, you can right all of your important information on it like AC, hit points, conditions, saving throws and the like. It seems like a good quick reference tool.

Also, there are thirteen designs to choose from which cover the various classes in the game...

Paladin Tokens - Gale Force Nine

Warlock Tokens - Gale Force Nine

Wizard Tokens - Gale Force Nine

I really like this idea and considering they come in at only £11 each, I could see these being a nice present to get your adventuring group when it comes to a special event and they are an inexpensive way to keep things flowing in-game a little easier. Of course, the Dungeon Master also gets their own set of tokens too!

Dungeon Master Tokens - Gale Force Nine

I really like that you get those little Initiative trackers which could be placed next to groups, enemies and players in order to track what's going on. It would save me having to note it all down and write a tally for each of the passing turns! Watch this space and keep an eye out for their release as you'll want to check the designs for each of the classes!

Could you see these being added to your D&D adventuring arsenal?

"Could you see these being added to your D&D adventuring arsenal?"

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