New Troops For Afterlife The Shards Of Liberty Kickstarter!

October 23, 2014 by brennon

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With three days left to go on the Afterlife: The Shards of Liberty Kickstarter Anvil Industry have put together a collection of renders showing off more of what's coming to their rather cool looking world...

Support Mechs #1

Support Mechs #2

First up we have these neat renders of the Republic Support Mechs that are loaded up with rather awesome bodysuits that look straight out of Crysis as I've mentioned before. I love the rocket launchers loaded up on the back and the camera that's no doubt picking out targets for the pilot as he stomps around.

Unity Council APC

The Unity Council are also getting in on the action with this chunky looking and brutal APC. I like the big 4x4 look and it seems like it can take a bunch of damage too while dealing it out in return with the turret mounted on the top.

Dwartist Painted Miniatures

In a recent update post they also announced how you can win some awesome miniatures from the campaign and Afterlife as a whole painted by the Dwartist himself. You can get a regular infantry sized figure painted up in his style (much like you can see above) from your pledge if it's over a certain amount.

Don't forget you can still win your pledge FOR FREE by funding the Kickstarter and becoming a Backstager with us here on Beasts of War.

Have you jumped in during these last few days?

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