TTCombat Tease New Fantasy Terrain

February 15, 2019 by cassn

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TTCombat has released teaser images of their current terrain project for Work In Progress Wednesday, and it's ruined.


Get it??? Ruined, because they're ruins...shut up, I'm hilarious. The Sci-fi Gothic ruins are consistently a best seller in the TT Combat range, so the company has decided to produce a fantasy range for their customers.


Focusing on low cost and high usability, all walkable surfaces are spaced at 25mm/1in squares to allow for RPG use as well as wargaming terrain. The set will include five large corner ruins, four small corner ruins, the bridge, and two sets of stairs for £18, which is a pretty amazing deal.


The fantasy ruin set is still in production and prototype stage, but keep up-to-date through the TT Combat website, as it's sure to go out for release soon.

Is affordability a factor when it comes to choosing your terrain?

"Low cost and high usability!"

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