TTCombat Release Flightwing Commander Mini-Game Rules!

December 18, 2020 by brennon

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TTCombat has shared a fun set of rules for you to play a mini-game set within the world of Dropzone Commander. Take control of your fast flyers and play around with Flightwing Commander!

Flightwing Command - TTCombat

Flightwing Commander // TTCombat

Over in the resources section of their website, they have put together a set of Flightwing Commander Rules and also the Statistic Cards that you need to play the game with a number of different flyers from the various factions in Dropfleet Commander.

Flightwing Command Cards - TTCombat

Flightwing Commander Cards // TTCombat

The game takes about fifteen minutes to play on the tabletop using the various flyers for each faction and seems like a nice way to round off a day of playing Dropzone Commander. Maybe you could even use it as a little warm-up before you begin a proper game?

The game has only just been upgraded from a Google Doc so there might be a few tweaks that can be made here and there but that's where you lot in the community come in. Give the game a go and let us know what you think of it.

Are you tempted to crack our your flyers for a game of Flightwing Commander?

"Are you tempted to crack our your flyers for a game of Flightwing Commander?"

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