The Veydreth Alliance Fleet Hoves Into View From Spartan

August 12, 2014 by brennon

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Spartan Games have shown off the rather spiffing looking Veydreth Alliance Fleet keeping with the space faring theme this evening. What do you think of this new look fleet for Firestorm Armada?

Veydreth Alliance Fleet

Veydreth Alliance Fleet (Scale)

Veydreth Alliance Ships #1

Veydreth Alliance Ships #2

These are fairly massive ships and their Battleship is as big as the Dindrenzi one next to it showing off the scale. The overall design of the ships is really nice although I prefer the smaller Corvettes and the Battleship to the Destroyers. Well, that wouldn't be quite true. I like all of the Destroyers apart from the one at the front with the strange array on its prow.

A very nice looking fleet overall though!

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