Warlord Tinker With Weird World War Artillery For Konflikt ’47

July 21, 2018 by brennon

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Warlord Games are preparing the big guns for your games of Konflikt '47. When the enemy is starting to use heavier armour and all sorts of strange technology you need to match that with some guns that can punch through that.

British Tesla AT Gun - Konflikt '47

The first of these is the British Tesla AT Gun which you can see above. It looks like one hell of a mean piece of machinery, ready to punch through an enemy tank and reduce it to slag. The same can be said for the US Tesla AT Gun which I assume uses the same technology.

US Tesla AT Gun - Konflikt '47

It's neat that the guns are looking different and feature different crewmen as well so that each of the factions from Konflikt '47 still retains a nice level of individuality.

Over on the side of the Axis, we have this weird and wonderful looking Towed Schwerefeld Projektor.

German Towed Schwerefeld Projektor - Konflikt '47

I like that once again the design is different and offers up a very unique look for the Germans on the tabletop. It looks that little bit more Sci-Fi in its design which speaks to the German scientists and inventors working behind the scenes on their strange projects.

What do you think of these new artillery pieces?

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