We’re Head Over Heels For Cool Craniums From Puppets War

April 12, 2019 by cassn

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In the heat of battle it's important not to lose your head, so it's good that the guys over at Puppets War have released a new range of alternative heads for Ashigaru and Samurai warriors.


These resin models are designed to fit 32mm miniatures for a range of tabletop wargaming. If you think your Samurai needs the chiseled jawline of a Japanese supermodel, Puppets War has you covered - I'm pretty sure one of these guys is pulling the 'Blue Steel' pose from Zoolander!


However, if you like your Japanese warriors to have an unrivaled cheekbone prominence, then the alternative heads for the Ashigaru Reapers will give you exactly what you need.


If two heads are better than one, think how good five would be! In fact, the more heads the better, because Puppets War applies a discount for larger purchases! Head (heh heh) over to their website for more information.

Will these courageous craniums be joining your tabletop game?

"The chiseled jawline of a Japanese supermodel!"

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