X-Wing Miniatures Game From FFG Announces Twelfth Wave Of Ships

August 22, 2017 by thisisazrael

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Fantasy Flight Games have announced the upcoming release of three new Wave XII ships for X-Wing.

These ships introduce some new tactics around how you'll aim your shots, reload your torpedoes and jam enemy ship sensors.

First up is the Alpha-class Star Wing which looks to be an incredibly versatile ship with a whole array of different weapon combination options.

FFG X-Wing Alpha Class Star Wing

On the tabletop the Star Wing comes with the ability to load both torpedo and missile upgrades plus if you configure it for assault you can add in two cannon slots too!

To top off the firepower output, the Star Wing also has an ability to take a "Reload Action" and return Missile and Torpedo upgrades after use to be used again after a brief delay.

FFG X-Wing Reload Jam Card

Overall the Star Wing is going to put on some consistent pressure if not dealt with early.

Next up we have the M12-L Kimogila Fighter which is no slouch in the weapons department itself but it does trade off maneuverability for its destructive power.

FFG X-Wing M12-L Kimogila Fighter

Much like the Scum and Villainy faction members who pilot it, the M12-L Kimogila Fighter is a blunt force implement, best suited to charging straight at their target.

FFG X-Wing Bullseye

The ship boasts an attack value of three and utilises a "Bullseye Firing Arc" which when lined up for the perfect shot means defending ships can modify their dice to try and evade your incoming fire.

Finally we have the Phantom II, first seen in Star Wars Rebels.

FFG X-Wing Phantom II

"Phantom II is a Sheathipede-class transport shuttle that has been heavily modified to include upgraded weapons and a custom docking system compatible with the Ghost"

The Phantom II hits the table with two agility, four hull and one shield making for a tricky target in it's own right but once you can in an attack value of two from a forward OR auxiliary firing arc you have yourself a fearsome ship indeed.

The Phantom II Expansion Pack actually comes with four ship cards and six upgrades too which will provide you will lots of new ways to create synergy in your Rebel forces.

I think it's great that we are seeing so many ships from various Star Wars sources and it's great to see their characteristics being used to develop new rules for the core game.

We should expect all the Wave XII ships in Q4 2017.

Which Star Wars ship would you take into space?

"...the M12-L Kimogila Fighter is a blunt force implement, best suited to charging straight at their target..."

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