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Objective Infinity: Sneaky Holoprojector Tactics


Join us for Objective Infinity where we're finding out about the tricks and tactics you can use with Holoprojectors!

Objective Infinity XLBS: Dealing With Holoprojector Units


After looking at the tactics for using Holoprojectors in Infinity we're now turning out attention as to how to beat those same tactics.

Objective Infinity: Disguising As The Enemy


We discover how you can get up close and personal with your enemies before they realise it in Infinity by utilising the Impersonation Skill.

Objective Infinity XLBS: Countering Impersonation


We have seen how Impersonation can help an army get an early edge over their opponent in Infinity but what can you do to even the odds?

Objective Infinity: Aggressive Hacking Tactics


One of the techniques to learn when playing games of Infinity is how to use Aggressive Hacking and utilise it on the tabletop.

Objective Infinity XLBS: Countering Aggressive Hacking Tactics


Now we've taught you how to use your Hackers aggressively in Infinity we're going to give you the tactics you need to counter those plays on the tabletop.

Objective Infinity: The Tactics Of Mine Laying


We're getting stuck into another episode of Objective Infinity where we learn all about the tactics of Mine Laying.

Objective Infinity XLBS: How To Take Out Mines


As we head Backstage we chat about how to counter those Mine Layers we talked about in the Frontstage Show of Objective Infinity.

Objective Infinity: Multispectral Visor Tactics


We're looking at some technology this time on Objective Infinity as we delve into how to use Multispectral Visors in your games of Infinity.

Objective Infinity XLBS: Multispectral Visor Counter Tactics


In this XLBS episode of Objective Infinity we learn about how to counter Multispectral Visor users in your games of Infinity.

Objective Infinity XLBS: Advanced Tactics For The Reaction Turn


Pay attention Commander! It's now time to learn some Advanced Tactics for the Reaction Turn in Infinity.

Objective Infinity: Rookie Mistakes In The Reaction Turn


We're taking a look at the Rookie Mistakes you can make during the Reaction Turn in Infinity.

Objective Infinity: Turn One – Rookie Mistakes


We're back to delve into some of the mistakes that Rookie Players might make when they get into their games of Infinity.

Objective Infinity XLBS: Turn One – Advanced Player Tactics


While we looked into the Rookie Mistakes in our Frontstage Episode we're now looking to more tactics for Advanced Players in this instalment of Objective Infinity.

Objective Infinity XLBS: Deployment Tactics – Advanced Hints & Tips


In Objective Infinity XLBS we're now looking to help less experienced players with some interesting tactics that you can use for beating a veteran player.

Objective Infinity: Deployment Tactics – Rookie Mistakes


Justin is joined by Killian this week for Objective Infinity to look at some of the basic mistakes that new players to the game of Infinity make when they deploy their troops.

Objective Infinity – Hacker Tips & Tactics


We're delving into one of the most important aspects of Sci-Fi tabletop warfare in a new Objective Infinity. Justin and Carlos are going to be tackling Hacking...

Objective Infinity XLBS – Hacker Defence Tactics


In this Backstage episode of Objective Infinity we're looking at the best ways to counter those pesky Hackers we talked about during the Fronstage Show...

Objective Infinity – Forward Observer Combo Tactics


In this episode Justin and Carlos have a look at some of the classic tactics used in games of Infinity. We'll be showing how you use Forward Observers with other units that have Guided Ammo.

Objective Infinity XLBS – Countering The Forward Observer Combo


In this Backstage version of the show we talk about how you can beat the Forward Observer and Guided Ammo combination we mentioned in Infinity!

Objective Infinity: Utilising Camouflage


Sometimes on the Infinity battlefield it pays to stay out of sight until you need to make that vital kill and in this episode Carlos of Corvus Belli shows Justin how to utilise Camo skills effectively.

Objective Infinity XLBS: Camo Countermeasures


It can be tricky to fight an opponent in camouflage cover but fear not as Carlos is going to divulge a few countermeasures you can employ in your games of Infinity to turn the tables.

Objective Infinity: TAG Piloting 101


Carlos joins Justin in the studio to have a look at these incredible machines and explains how to use TAGs on the tabletop...

Objective Infinity XLBS: TAG Counter Tactics


Now you've learned how to use your TAGS on the battlefields of Infinity take an extra course in how to defeat them when you have to face one!

Weekender: Kingdom Death Monster Unboxed, New Shows & More


Objective Infinity – Jump Trooper Tactics


Welcome to a new tactics show for Infinity! The ever awesome Carlos joins us to take a look at the basics of using Jump Troops in your games...

Objective Infinity XLBS – Jump Trooper Counter Tactics


So, now you've seen how tough these Jump Trooper can be in Infinity it's time to turn the tables on these aggressive troopers by having a look at ways in which we can knock them out of the sky...

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