Weekender: Kingdom Death Monster Unboxed, New Shows & More

October 31, 2015 by lloyd

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It's a big weekend for us here at Beasts of War and as well as all the other awesomeness happening with Dropfleet we've also got a jam packed show where we're showing off Kingdom Death Monster and more...

Weekender: Kingdom Death Monster Unboxed, New Shows & More

Justin Past Lives

First we delve into a question from last weeks show. We talked past life regression and we asked you in the community to tell us what you think Justin has been doing in the annuls of history.

We go through some of your suggestions.

New Shows

  • Warhammer 40,000: Charted - Follow AJ and Warren as they get stuck into 40k talking about the background and more.
  • Objective Infinity - Carlos begins his series with us delving into the tips, tricks and tactics you can use on the battlefields of Infinity.
  • X-Wing Battle Report - Lloyd and Killian played out their X-Wing On Endor Battle Report via the Live Blog and you can follow all of the action!
  • Dropfleet Weekend - As we mentioned earlier, it's the Dropfleet Weekend! Check out their Kickstarter and watch out videos for more information.

Kingdom Death Arrives

Kingdom Death: Monster has dropped into the studio and as it is Halloween we thought it would be a perfect chance to break open the box and have a look inside.

There are some exquisite miniatures, wonderful set of components and an equally impressive game to get invested in here.

News Round Up

  • Knights Of Dice Chinatown - Want some fancy buildings for use in Gotham or maybe even a Bladerunner-esque world? Look no further.
  • Season Six For DreadBall - New teams, new rules and plenty of awesome options and characters arrive for Mantic's sixth outing.
  • Horus Heresy: Betrayal At Calth - We delve into the leaks we've been seeing for this new Horus Heresy era boxed game by Games Workshop and talk about what we think of the game so far.

Kickstarter Time

  • Covalence - Science for the win! Work together to build molecules in this cooperative game all about shared information and deduction. Learning is fun...
  • Panzerfauste - Weird World War meets Fantasy with this mash up from Hysterical Games. Which of the factions do you like best?
  • Stygmata RPG - Head into the world of Eden like never before with this role-playing game set in the same universe. You could even get yourself made into a miniature.

Competition Winners

We have winners to announce from our Warhammer 40:000 Eternal Crusade competition from last week. Listen for them during the show and then head HERE to claim your prize and join in with the game during development.

Grab A Free Backstage Trial & Watch XLBS Tomorrow

We hope you have a great weekend of gaming planned ahead.

Happy Halloween!

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