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Unboxing: Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 Expansion


Today we’re joined by Chris from Darker Days Radio to discuss what you get with the Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 Expansion.

Weekender XLBS: What Four Games Influenced Your Tabletop Life?


We have an awesome show for you today packed with our own hobby experiences and a big discussion which we think will get a lot of you sharing some important moments from your tabletop gaming life.

Weekender: Age Of Sigmar Deepkin, Bolt Action & 80s Beat ’em Ups!


We’ve got some awesome interviews
and more for you today as well as
a great prize from Warlord Games.

Let’s Play – Kingdom Death: Monster [Lantern Year Ten]


Let’s wrap up this round of Kingdom Death: Monster with the Kingsman fight. We have some interesting survivors for this fight. John, Lillith, Sarrah & Gilgamesh have geared up and headed out to defend the settlement.

Let’s Play- Kingdom Death: Monster [Lantern Year Nine]


Time to ramp up the hunts in our games of
Kingdom: Death Monster as the team heads
out to hunt down a level two lion!

Let’s Play – Kingdom Death: Monster [Lantern Year Eight]


It’s another day in the darkness and our survivors
head out on another hunt seeking more
resources for their settlement…

Let’s Play – Kingdom Death: Monster [Lantern Year Seven]


Our team of survivors return to hunt another
screaming antelope but this time they are
geared up and ready for the fight.

Let’s Play – Kingdom Death: Monster [Lantern Year Six]


Welcome back to another Lantern year in
Kingdom Death: Monster. In this one
Warren, Justin & Chris will be heading
out to hunt another Lion
with some new survivors.

The Weekender XLBS: Warren’s Christmas Horn & Legacy games are da bomb!


Shield your eyes as
Warren gets his horn out!

Darker Days Radio Unbox Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 Upgrade Set


The folks from Darker Days Radio have had the chance to crack open the Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 Upgrade Set over on their blog.

The Weekender: Star Wars Legion Announced & Our Gen Con Experience


Welcome to the Weekender… IN AMERICA, BABY!

Keep Your Entire Kingdom Death Collection Safe With Battle Foam


Available on both their US and UK store the folks at Battle Foam have now pulled together a whole range of bags and foam trays for you to keep your entire Kingdom Death collection safe. It’s quite a lot of foam!

Sculpting Updates Arrive For Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 Project


The world of Kingdom Death: Monster is coming back to the tabletop once again with its 1.5 Edition and that means new sculpts, new horrors and of course some fantastic characters too.

Community Spotlight: Warrior Maidens, Pretend Maidens & A Monstrous Prologue


More Community Spotlight goodness from the Hobby & Painting Forum and beyond this week as we pick out a particular project that is something a little different.

Taking A Look At Thomas David’s Kingdom Death Dragon Goblin


The campaign may be over but we thought we’d take this moment to check out one of the sculpts from the craziness that was Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5. Thomas David sculpted up the fantastic Dragon Goblin and it looks epic.

Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 Becomes Biggest Tabletop Kickstarter Ever!


The Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 Kickstarter has now ended and they raked in a fantastic $12,393,139.

Let’s Play Kingdom Death Monster – Lantern Year Five


We’re back for a showdown this time in
Kingdom Death: Monster as the Butcher
hunts down our survivors this time around
rather than them chasing him!

Kingdom Death & Soda Pop Miniatures Add Candy & Cola Crossover Mini


Kingdom Death and Soda Pop Miniatures are proud to announce the sexy, Lantern Year Three Candy & Cola crossover mini as an add on in the wildly successful Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 Kickstarter.

Let’s Play Kingdom Death Monster – Lantern Year Four


It’s time for us to adventure off into the world
of Kingdom Death: Monster on the hunt of a
Lion in this nightmarish world…

Weekender: Our Gift Guide For A Happy Hobbyist


We’re delving into some awesome gift ideas for the hobbyist and gamer in your life plus much more!

Let’s Play Kingdom Death Monster – Lantern Year Three


It’s time for us to head back to the world
of Kingdom Death: Monster here at BoW
Towers for Lantern Year Three.