Weekender: Age Of Sigmar Deepkin, Bolt Action & 80s Beat ’em Ups!

April 21, 2018 by brennon

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Welcome to another episode of The Weekender in the wake of Salute 2018. We've got some awesome interviews and more for you today as well as a great prize from Warlord Games.

Weekender: Basing Age Of Sigmar's Idoneth Deepkin With Micro Art Studio

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Make sure to stick with us throughout the show and let us know what you think about everything we cover.


We've got some great things for you to look forward too...

  • The Great War Article Series - A new article series from oriskany and neves1789 launches on Monday.
  • Salute 2018 - Check out the Live Blog where you could still get your hands on 30+ prizes!
  • UK Games Expo Merch - You can now start looking to snap up merchandise for UK Games Expo in June

...also make sure to check out our Beasts Of War Merchandise where we have Dice Bags and Satchels for you to snap up.

MegaMetroCity Unboxed

We sit down to do a bit of unboxing and take a look at a Kickstarter game which is coming to the fundraising platform next week.

If you like the idea of 80's nostalgia and the beat 'em up genre then make sure to check out what MegaMetroCity is all about.

Bolt Action Show & Tell - Winter German Infantry

Charlie is in the studio talking to us about the new plastic kit from Warlord Games that allows you to plunge your Germans into the chill of a European winter.

Will you be snapping up this kit for your own army?

All Your Bases Belong To Us!

This new segment needs a better title. Make sure you let us know what you'd call it in the comments below. Anyway, today we're looking at Micro Art Studio and their amazing base selection.

Warren, Justin and Sam have picked out their favourites and share their thoughts on how they'd use them.

Idoneth Deepkin

This leads us neatly on to looking at the new Idoneth Deepkin and how these bases could be used to bring this new army from Games Workshop and Age Of Sigmar to life on the tabletop.

Have you been lured in by this new Aelf faction within the world of the Mortal Realms?

Darker Days Radio

Chris Handley was in the studio recently filming more Kingdom Death: Monster with us and we had a chat with him about what's happening with his Podcast and what events he is going to be attending this year.

Make sure to check out their podcast and it is an awesome resource for anyone interested in World Of Darkness.


We take a look at two big Kickstarters online right now...

...have you been considering these?

Competition Prizes

We have a prize to give away from the last Weekender. If you put in a comment for the Doctor Who & Companion Set listen out for your name and Claim Your Prize.

We also have a new competition this week to win a set of German Winter Infantry (Plastic) from Warlord Games for use in Bolt Action.

Listen out for how to win that and get your comments in below...

Have a great weekend!

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