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Firelock & Phalanx Working On New Blood & Valor WWI Game


Firelock Games, most well known for Blood & Plunder, and Phalanx Consortium are working together on a new range and rules for a World War I game called Blood & Valor.

Let’s Play: Great War


Freddy from Battlefront Miniatures is in to show us the gameplay in their new 15mm World War I wargame which launched in March.

Stream Archives: British Mk4 Male


Join John play with some British Tanks from the Great War range by Battlefront Miniatures.

Armistice Centennial: The Final Days Of The Great War Part Three – All Quiet On The Western Front


Oriskany runs through the final battles of World War One and the moments that led up to the guns falling silent and learn why in some cases this isn't "just toy soldiers".

Armistice Centennial: The Final Days Of The Great War Part Two – St. Mihiel & Meuse-Argonne


Today in this article from Oriskany we're looking at what would become known as the “Hundred Days Offensive” and the legacy left by these immense pushes on the front.

Armistice Centennial: The Final Days Of The Great War Part One – The Hundred Days


Come and join Oriskany, our Historical Editor, as he gets us started on the first part of his article series looking at The Great War as we close in on the Armistice Centennial.

Unboxing: The Great War Centennial Edition


Today John is in the hot seat of What's In The Box and he's joined by Gerry to talk about The Great War Centennial Edition from PSC Games.

Centennial Gaming In The Great War – The Campaigns Of 1918: Part Five


We come to the end of this massive series on gaming in World War I with Oriskany and neves1789!

Centennial Gaming In The Great War – The Campaigns Of 1918: Part Four


We learn about the legend that is the Battle Of Belleau Wood...

Centennial Gaming In The Great War – The Campaigns Of 1918: Part Three


Centennial Gaming In The Great War – The Campaigns Of 1918: Part Two


It's time to meet the Stoßtruppen as our Great War Wargaming article series continues...

Get Started In Great Escape Games’ 1914 With Infantry Brigades


If you want to get stuck into World War I wargaming, especially around the start of the war, then Great Escape Games has an awesome game for you to try out called 1914.

Centennial Gaming In The Great War – The Campaigns Of 1918: Part One


We begin a BIG article series looking at World War I...

Weekender: Age Of Sigmar Deepkin, Bolt Action & 80s Beat ’em Ups!


We've got some awesome interviews and more for you today as well as a great prize from Warlord Games.

Brigade Models Band Together The Great War Boy Scouts


Brigade Models are following on from Salute with some neat new releases including their Great War Boy Scouts. Sometimes you need to get everyone involved to help out.

Check Out The Special Salute 2018 Miniature!


If you're coming along to Salute this year you'll be able to pick up a very special Salute 2018 Miniature to commemorate those fallen soldiers from World War I.

Weekender: Win A Battle Foam P.A.C.K Mini & Gangs Of Rome On The Horizon


This week, we talk Gangs of Rome from Footsore Miniatures and have a great Battle Foam Giveaway.

Richard Borg’s The Great War Gets French Army Expansion


Teaming up with Plastic Soldier Company, Rich Borg's The Great War is back on Kickstarter with a new expansion for The French Army.

Deep-Cut Fly High With New Aerial Mat Design


Deep-Cut Studio has another fantastic mat for those of you looking to take to the skies for some dog fighting. See what you make of their newest Aerial Fields Mat.

Flytrap Factory Go North Of The Wall & Over The Top


Flytrap Factory has been showing off a few more previews of their work which will be coming out soon. Firstly we have this new set of Fantasy Heroes which you might recognise.

Heroes Of The Great War: World War I Comes To Kickstarter [Part Three]


Join oriskany as he sums up his thoughts on this excellent World War I tabletop experience from Gladiator Games.

Heroes Of The Great War: World War I Comes to Kickstarter [Part Two]


Good morning, Beasts of War, and welcome to Part Two of our review of Heroes of the Great War: Limanowa 1914.

Heroes Of The Great War: World War I Comes to Kickstarter [Part One]


Oriskany dives into World War I with his in-depth review series on Heroes Of The Great War: Limanowa 1914!

Trench Raiders & Jaegers Get Ready For War From Empress


Hitting your tabletop this month we have some new releases from Empress Miniatures in the form of new Mutton Chop World War One releases.

Lead The Charge With WWII Cavalry By Turncoat Games


Turncoat Games is charging into Kickstarter with the WWII Cavalry campaign.

World War I Miniature Gaming – A War Too Far For The Tabletop?


Community member Drahima delves into why he thinks we don't see many World War I tabletop games out there and what might be done to remedy it...

Ares’ Wings Of Glory Heads To The Skies With New WWI Planes


Ares Games have added to their Wings of Glory WWI line-up with two more planes. These give you more options for dogfighting in some classic planes...

Lord Kitchener Joins Wargames Illustrated’s Giants Range


Wargames Illustrated are back with some more famous faces from history. The latest personality to join the range is Lord Kitchener who is shown pointing towards the enemy and urging his men on to acts of valour on the tabletop...

The Great War Americans Have Gathered Artillery For Flames Of War


The Americans are getting some artillery to cover their advance through the battlefields of World War I for Flames Of War. Mortars and full on field guns are going to be echoing across the trenches once these get going...

Trotsky Steps Into Wargames Illustrated’s Giants In Miniature Range


Wargames Illustrated's Giants In Miniature range grows once more this month with the addition of another high profile figure. Leon Trotsky was famous for his political work but he also shaped the Red Army into a more coherent and professional fighting force...

Weekender XLBS: Pulp City Superheroes & Getting Into Naval Wargaming


Grab A Backstage Free Trial To Watch

Naval Wargaming – An Introduction To Battles At Sea & Beyond

4 years ago 43

Simon Stokes takes us through the history of Naval Battles both in history and on the tabletop as well as giving us a crash course in the games we should take a look at...

Weekender: Chatting Warpath, Anarchy Stencils & Win Deadzone

4 years ago 465

We're back with a jam packed Weekender where we dig into some of the awesome news that popped up during the week.

The Great War Hits Back In Force For Flames Of War


Battlefront have shown off a whole bunch of new products that are going to be coming to Flames Of War: The Great War. The US, British and the French are the main focus with new Army Deals as well as a range of new tanks and more...

Tanks Roll Onto The World War I Battlefield From Plastic Soldier


Plastic Soldier Company have taken to Kickstarter to fund an expansion to The Great War board game/war game. It will contain rules, miniatures and terrain tiles for bringing tanks to the battlefield of World War I.

Stone Cold Lead Paint Up Tsuba Miniatures’ Japanese HMG Team


If you're looking for some infantry support during the Russo-Japanese War then you'll want to turn to Tsuba Miniatures who do a whole range of metal kits for that period. Their most current set is a Japanese HMG Team who have been painted up by Stone Cold Lead...

Battlefront Go Back To The Great War With New Book


Battlefront Miniatures has a new book coming out for The Great War system.

The Scots Are Taking The High Road From Footsore Miniatures


Footsore Miniatures has produced some really nice Scottish Infantry for WWI.

Take Command With Early World War I Command Packs By Kallistra


Kallistra is helping to remind us that this year is also an anniversary of another big war. They give us some commanders to help direct our troops.

Amazing Pictures From The Great War Gallipoli Exhibition


See how the amazing looking Gallipoli diorama has turned out with some wonderful photographs of the finished board from The Great War Exhibition down in New Zealand.

Wings Of Glory: Giants Of The Sky Q&A With Roberto Di Meglio


Take to the skies with us as we have a chat with Roberto Di Meglio of Ares Games about their Kickstarter for Giants of the Sky and learn more about where the game came from and where it's going next! New sets for World War II anyone?

Aim & Fire With World War I British Infantry From CP Models


See what you think of the beginnings of a World War I range from CP Models Miniatures. First off we have some British Infantry from the Expeditionary Force of 1914.

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