Blood & Valor Painting Tutorial – WW1 Renault FT-17 Tank | Alphonse Marcel

April 20, 2023 by johnlyons

In this painting tutorial, we show you how to paint two French Renault FT-17 Tanks for use in the World War I wargame, Blood & Valor by Firelock Games. The tank designs came from Alphonse Marcel!

coverimage ww1 renault tank ft17 painting tutorial ontabletop

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One of the Renault FT-17 Tanks is in working order and the other has taken a bit of a battering. This means they can be used in gameplay and just as cover for your poor French soldiers. Make sure to watch out expanded Blood & Valor Vlog Series where we have dived into creating the armies for our upcoming games.

Paints Used...

  • Chaos Black Spray
  • Grey Seer Spray
  • Vallejo Khaki
  • Vallejo Flat Green
  • Vallejo Flat Brown
  • Vallejo Black Grey
  • Vallejo Dark Rust
  • Vallejo German Cam Pale Brown
  • Vallejo Oily Steel
  • Vallejo Brown Black
  • AK Interactive Dark Brown Wash
  • AK Interactive Fresh Mud
  • AK Interactive Ultra Matt Varnish

Are you going to be having a go at painting some of these tanks up for use in your World War I games?

Drop your thoughts below! 

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