Snag Ace 6mm Miniatures & Mighty Ships From GHQ Models

May 8, 2023 by brennon

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GHQ Models have dropped a whole host of new 6mm and 1/2400th scale releases for you to have a peek at if you're looking to dive into some Modern wargaming from throughout the 20th Century.

LVT A 4 Waterline Model - GHQ Models

LVT(A)4 Waterline Model // GHQ Models

One of the first of the vehicles you can pick up is the LVT(A)4 Waterline Model which is going amphibian! This vehicle saw a lot of service amongst the US Army and USMC during the Late War and there were also a lot of them that were supplied to the British as well.

If you're looking to go a little more modern with your vehicles then you can also get the 152mm SpGH DANA vz.77.

152mm SpGH DANA vz 77 - GHQ Models

152mm SpGH DANA vz.77 // GHQ Models

This Czech vehicle was introduced in 1980 and this vehicle is in service to this day. It is based on the Tatra 815 truck and has a Model 77 152mm howitzer on the front. The vehicle can be found in the employ of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Georgia and Ukraine.

You can then turn to Japan with another of the 6mm miniatures from this recent set of releases.

Type 99 SPG - GHQ Models

Type 99 SPG // GHQ Models

Here we have the Type 99 SPG which was produced from 1999 all the way through to 2022 so it has seen an awful lot of time in service. A solid option for punching holes in enemy armour or perhaps levelling a building. If you're looking to do a slightly more up-to-date Cold War then you might find this handy.

You can also saturate a specific area of the battlefield with explosives thanks to the K239 Chunmoo MLRS.

K239 Chunmoo MLRS - GHQ Models

K239 Chunmoo MLRS // GHQ Models

This is a South Korean MLRS. It started life in 2015 and there are different combinations of missile pods that can be housed on the back. You can go from twenty 130mm rockets to a single 600m weapon if you prefer. There are a few of these as part of the armies of the UAE and Saudi Arabia whilst Poland also has 288 of these on order as of 2022. The things you learn!

Last but not least for the 6mm miniatures, we have the CM-23 81mm Mortar.

CM-23 81mm Mortar - GHQ Models

CM-23 81mm Mortar // GHQ Models

This is the Taiwanese version of the US M125 mortar carrier and showcases one of the recurring themes throughout the miniatures we're seeing here by GHQ Models. They are all insanely detailed. They have gone to a lot of trouble to get a lot of bells and whistles on these 6mm miniatures which is awesome considering the scale.

1/285th & 1/2400th Miniatures!

If you're wanting to take to the skies then you can also pick up the 1/285th MiG-31.

MiG 31 - GHQ Models

MiG-31 // GHQ Models

With options for the KAB-1500L bombs and Kh-58 missiles, this aeroplane entered services in 1981. It was produced between 1975 and 1991 and saw most of its use as an air superiority fighter. It did also find itself being used to strike at ground targets too thanks to the SSM as well as iron and guided bombs. It is, to this day, an active part of the Russian Air Force.

You can also get your hands on some gorgeous-looking ships in 1/2400th scale.

DD Bourrasque Class - GHQ Models

DD Bourrasque Class // GHQ Models

FFG Chi Yang Class - GHQ Models

FFG Chi Yang Class // GHQ Models

Here you have the DD Bourrasque Class and the FFG Chi Yang Class. The Bourrasque was a French destroyer that was used to modernise its navy after World War I. Eight of them were lost during World War II and one was transferred to fight alongside the Polish.

Going slightly more modern, you also have the Chi Yang which was transferred to the Taiwanese navy during the 1990s. Many of them are still seeing active service today and have been updated with up-to-date technology. They can now handle a Seahawk helicopter and have better defences.

All of these miniatures are available for you to check out on the GHQ Models webstore!

"They have gone to a lot of trouble to get a lot of bells and whistles on these 6mm miniatures..."

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