Pick Up Ottoman, ANZAC & Russian Forces For Firelock’s Blood & Valor

August 15, 2022 by brennon

Phalanx Consortium not too long ago added some new armies into the mix for your World War I wargames. There are now three more armies in their collection for use with Firelock Games' Blood & Valor.

ANZACs - Blood & Valor

ANZAC // Blood & Valor

Each of these sets can be picked up as the bundle that you see above or in individual packs if you prefer. For example, the ANZAC force comes with a Command Team, Riflemen, Assault Team and the Vickers MG Team. The miniatures come in resin and will be a good way to switch things up from playing as your regular British armies.

The Imperial Russians follow a similar trend...

Imperial Russians - Blood & Valor

Imperial Russians // Blood & Valor

...with the Command team joined by Riflemen and Assault Teams plus a PM M1910 MG Team instead. Each of these Starter Forces that you see here allows you to put together 150-point Starter Armies for use with Blood & Valor so they are a neat way to dive into World War I on the tabletop.

My favourite of the three sets was actually for the Ottomans though.

Ottoman Empire - Blood & Valor

Ottoman Empire // Blood & Valor

I like that it provides you with a different perspective on World War I and a force that folks aren't all too familiar I would imagine either.

Germans Vs French // Blood & Valor

Each set comes with some great sculpts for a variety of their troops and command elements and I think they would be great to use as a starting point for a bit of World War I wargaming.

Have you been tempted by these sets? Are you going to be snapping them up for Blood & Valor?

"I think they would be great to use as a starting point for a bit of World War I wargaming..."

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