Battlefront Re-Release Great War Rules & 15mm Miniatures

November 27, 2023 by brennon

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Battlefront Miniatures have announced that they are re-releasing the Great War Rules and the 15mm miniatures range that goes with it. The Great War Range will be released through a variety of specialist retailers in the States and Europe so make sure to check out this link HERE to find your nearest stockist.

Great War - Battlefront Miniatures

Great War // Battlefront Miniatures

The Great War rules focus on the fighting during 1918 on the Western Front. At this point, the Russians have pulled out of the war and German troops have been redeployed to fight against the Allies. This means new tactics, the arrival of the Americans and the introduction of new tanks that are helping to turn the tide of war.

This re-release for 2023 features the same range of miniatures that we saw before in 2018 so if you liked the look of what we got back then, this could be a good way for you to finish off your collection.

Mitchells Marauders - British Rifle Company - Great War

Mitchell's Marauders - British Rifle Company // Great War

As with the original release, you'll be able to get your hands on miniatures for both sides of the conflict. Packed with 15mm miniatures, you'll get a whole bunch of infantry and some of those awesome-looking tanks. Maybe you could be tempted by the British or the Americans?

Bretts Brawlers - American Rifle Company - Great War

Brett's Brawlers - American Rifle Company // Great War

What's nice about the collection is that it features plenty of tanks but this still goes back to a time when infantry and even cavalry were still used widely. If you're someone who laments the lack if infantry in some of the World War II sets for Flames Of War then these might be for you.

Claverys Chargers - French Fusilier Company - Great War

Clavery's Chargers - French Fusilier Company // Great War

As well as the British, Americans and French, you can also pick up the Germans who are going to be churning across muddy battlefields looking to hold back the alliance of nations.

Steiners Stosstruppen - German Stoss Company- Great War

Steiner's Stosstruppen - German Stoss Company // Great War

Some classic A7V Panzers make up the core of this particular force, proper land ships! I still prefer the Mark IV and Mark V Tanks that the British get to play with though. There's something distinctly Pulpy about their design and iconic when it comes to the image of World War I.

As well as the World War I sets above, you can also get yourself some re-released terrain sets as well. I feel like you're definitely going to want this Trenchline System in particular which is pre-painted and should give your infantry a solid place to dig in.

Trenchline System - Great War

Trenchline System // Great War

It's really nice that the Great War range is now coming back to tabletops as there are lots of folks who enjoy the period. As well as being good for some Great War wargaming with Battlefront Miniatures, could this also be a potential option for A War Transformed in a smaller scale?

What do you make of the Great War range coming back?

"As well as the British, Americans and French, you can also pick up the Germans..."

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