Oathmark’s Metal Goblins Go Up For Pre-Order From North Star

November 16, 2017 by brennon

Oathmark welcomes a new series of pre-orders this week for the Goblins from North Star. As well as the plastic kits for the infantry you can also get your hands on the metal models to support them as a range of characters too.

Akkad the Accursed

Akkad The Accursed (seen above) is the model that will be added to each of the special pre-order packages giving you an original general to lead your force on the tabletop. I like the conical helmet and the style of the scalemail he's wearing as well as that ferocious scimitar.

When it comes to additional characters they have you covered with the three Champions pictured here. Each of them comes with alternative weapons. I personally like the big axe and the whip of that taskmaster. You could see him whipping some great beast into a frenzy.

Goblin Characters #1

As well as the Champions we also have the Great Goblin, Shaman and War Drummer. I'm not overly captivated by two of these models but the Shaman looks fantastic. I think the wolf cloak really works nicely but I'd be tempted to use one of the Champions as my leader rather than the Great Goblin himself.

Goblin Characters #2

I'm sure there are plenty of other opinions on this range out there and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Additionally, all being well, it would be great if we start to learn more about the rules of the game soon from Osprey which would be ace!

Are you being sucked into Oathsworn?

"You could see him whipping some great beast into a frenzy..."

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