Pick Up Your Painting As New GW Contrast Paints Go Up For Pre-Order

June 10, 2019 by dracs

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Games Workshop have announced that their much-anticipated Contrast Paints are now available, alongside a host of new additions for the rest of their paint range.

GW Contrast Paints - OnTableTop

We also have them available on our own web store: store.ontabletop.com. It will be interesting to see how the community use them and we would love to see your work in the project system.

Contrasting Colours

The Contrast Paint range is Games Workshop's declared innovation in painting, letting you quickly and easily get a fully painted army onto the table by combining the base and shading steps into one thick coat of paint.

There are thirty-four contrast paints, giving you a good starting point from which to paint any miniature from across Games Workshop's wide range.

If you're a painting Luddite like me, these are a very welcome addition to Games Workshop's paints. Painting is by far my least favourite part of the hobby, though there is a real satisfaction to getting a fully painted army out on the table. These should help me to paint something eye-catching and no longer suffer the ignominy of the sea of grey plastic.

These Contrast paints are further supported by new Contrast Undercoats, designed to complement the new paints, and a Technical Contrast Medium, which is a thinner designed to work with Contrast Paints which can't be mixed effectively with water.

If you want to see more of how these Contrast Paints work, you can check out our video from UKGE where Warren got to give them a go for himself.

We think Warren had quite a bit of fun there...

A Splash Of Colour

As well as the new Contrast Paints, Games Workshop are expanding their existing range with new Base and Layer paints, and even the relaunch of their Air range.

Layer Paints

Base Paints

Air Paints

There are also some new additions to their Technical range, such as the Stormshield varnish, designed specifically for Contrast Paints, or the Mordant Earth for adding texture to your bases.

Games Workshop are collating some of these paints together into a Battle Ready Paint Set, available for a limited time.

All of these new paints should give you plenty of options for getting your army ready. However, they have had us asking ourselves one question...

Who comes up with the names?

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