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Masterclass Volume 2

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Skill 9
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My wife got me a gift… Masterclass Volume 2

This was great as it seemed to be in a slightly different style from the first and gave me a lot more options I felt in painting. This was the book I wanted for Volume 1 but contains different methods and ways to do things than the first.

I would definitely recommend this book to people wishing to learn the same style as Giraldez. (and in general)


Masterclass Volume TwoMasterclass Volume Two

This came with the Crane Rank Imperial Agent

This model sat for ages… like before I was scared to paint it. I decided to open and assemble it and found that it was missing the head. After a lot of looking around thinking I have somehow lost it while opening it over my desk I contacted Corvus Belli who amazingly sent me a head (what guys).

I hated painting yellow and orange. The pigments are always poor and require loads of layers. Not anymore with following the step by step guide in the book.


My Crane Rank Imperial AgentMy Crane Rank Imperial Agent

I have had some great feedback about this model and it spurred me on to collect, paint and play more.

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