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The addiction grows... Red Veil

Tutoring 7
Skill 15
Idea 6
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I play with a group that do not paint normally. This drives me nuts as I want the immersion of fully painted forces and great terrain.

I gave my chosen from the Ice Storm box to one friend and kept my Pano.

Another friend gave me the part of his drop fleet pledge so I needed to repay this “debt” I chipped in with another friend who got the same and we got Red Veil for him.

Red Veil BoxRed Veil Box

I started by gabbing the biggest model out of the box and started to paint, Al Fasid.

I followed the steps in Masterclass volume 2.

Started by doing the bases all of the infinity are on  this is done with plasticard cut into strips to make a kerb. Green stuff textured with the base of a needle file.

This was thought about after an exciting discussion with a environmentalist who hated pavements and roads. It came to the conclusion that compacting earth and treating this with something could be an alternative.  I argued that this would not be great for vehicle traffic so a compromise was made, then my infinity bases.

I then cleaned up the model as best as I could see and used Vallejo plastic putty for the first time to fill any gaps and I hate to say this is great! You can water it down and dries pretty fast.

First stages done with airbrush then onto brush painting.



So I though I was clever followed the process but I forgot about light.  I Went back and updated the Visor so that the highlight was at the bottom and the shade at the top due to the overhang.

The finished Al Fasid model The finished Al Fasid model

I went onto paint the rest of the Haqqislam using similar steps and still using the book.

Haqqislam finished. Haqqislam finished.

I then went and started the Yu Jing, using old GW paint pots and Bluetack as ever to try and stop me rubbing off the paint while painting.

Mid progress trying some batch paintingMid progress trying some batch painting
Finished Yu Jing models. Finished Yu Jing models.

I have handed this over now to one happy gamer. I feel like I am going to be given more models to paint to expand these forces.

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