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USA, USA, USA, USAriadna

Tutoring 6
Skill 12
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At last I am up to the latest part of this painting project!

I got this for myself as a reward for finishing painting someone else’s models. I loved the USAriadna week on BOW, had to get these some day!


I based this and cleaned all of the models as before.

The start of USAriadnaThe start of USAriadna

Again using Masterclass 2 I started to paint. I posted my Devil Dog on WPAN to give a small tip I tried when painting this.

Devil Dog with gloss varnish on the extremitiesDevil Dog with gloss varnish on the extremities

I painted and then varnished the extremities of the model with gloss varnish to protect this while I painted the rest of the model.  This worked very well and I did not rub off any paint. I then matt coated at the end to remove the gloss.


I finished the rest of the model, I am not sure the camo worked as well as it could have i started going into a painting slump and this what may have caused this opinion.

Started to paint the next model. The Marauder.

This is where I know I am in a hobby slump. I am so frustrated, I am using the right colour refractive green Vallejo 70.890 and it seems very much not possible to get a vibrant green from it. I am close to scrapping this and just using a green that looks right. I tried to push on as you can see but I cant let it go.

Marauder, I hate this green!!!Marauder, I hate this green!!!
Green with envy (what I am trying to achieve) Green with envy (what I am trying to achieve)

That’s me up to date. Think I am going to make some scenery and not paint it green.

More to come.

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