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Guild Ball Hunter's Guild by Lawnor

Guild Ball Hunter's Guild by Lawnor

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The End

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The End

Everything is done, at last.  Below is a gallery of rotational close ups of each model.  Let me know what you think.

A few take aways from this project:

  • If I get paint somewhere I don’t want when drybrushing I can get a little airbrush cleaner on a brush and remove it without damaging the paint beneath.  This either doesn’t work on metallics or stops working if i don’t notice my error for a while
  • When using basing materials like this I should be heavier handed when applying the glue.  I didn’t want it piling up too high so I was gentle.  Now its a little sparse in places and I suspect it’s too late to try and apply more glue
  • I missed a metal ring through one of the tusks on Ulfr’s back.  I didn’t see it until I was uploading his pic today.  I’ll fix that tonight.
  • When I am using ink or a wash over a pre-shaded surface I need to be 100% sure I’ve tidied up any over-painting I have done with neighbouring colours otherwise its a pain to fix with the ink/wash.  I got carried away once or twice in this project and there are errors.
  • Never assume that just because a model has big hair that blocks the view to whats underneath that you cannot actually see those clothes.  Skatha, I am looking at you.  Check everything and be sure.
  • Image galleries in Projects are capped at 9 images
  • I can spend the entire day hitting F5 if I’m trying to update a project and BoW keeps falling over
  • I need a better way of doing feathers that doesn’t need an airbrush, isn’t messy, and doesn’t drive me crazy by making me paint each individual hair by hand
  • Once again this shows that if you bring together en masse the right models with the right basing effects they become greater than the sum of their parts.  These bases look better for the models on them, and the paint jobs look better with the bases to enhance them
  • Any colour can be brown if you apply enough Agrax Earthshade

Improvements I’d like to see in the projects system:

  • More Entry Content steps allowed per Entry
  • More photos per gallery
  • The ability to delete Entries and to insert new ones between existing ones
  • An automated project flow page showing all the updates people make across all the different projects in order on one screen starting with the most recent or from a date of my choice onwards. Sort of an automated WAYPN thread that feeds from the Projects only
  • I changed this Project from Active to Completed.  There was no achievement pop up.  There was no confetti GIF.  What gives?

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Congratulations on finishing the project, they look great.

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