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Terrain Challenge – Shanty Town

Terrain Challenge – Shanty Town

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Skill 13
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I needed to try this off the cuff and see what the results would be.

So I rushed ahead. Now I have all of this straightened out in my head I will try and make a video and break down the process in my next post on another building and the materials used next.

This is the smallest possible structure I have 3 of these to do so seemed like a good idea to do this.

I used offcuts I had laying around, balsa wood, coffee cup holders, card and some fabric to cover the shack. I need to find more suitable materials for variety.  I used a number of techniques that I will go into later e.g. so the fabrics do not get fuzzy. I think this needs another layer of detail so I will continue to work on this.

The assembled modelThe assembled model
Side by Side with frameSide by Side with frame

Something to note, the roofs are all removable for interior gameplay and they are still stackable so I should have a limited amount of changes I can still make. The door works as well!

I am just glad all that texture is still in there, this is the key to what I am doing. The post apocalypse in Soap Dodger’s head is not pretty but it is full of texture.

Feel free to tell me any materials you would think is good to shove onto this. I think I will cut up some plastic bottles for some clear sections and may also use some plastic wrap of differing kinds to add after for a transparent effect.

Some of you may think this is not a strong structure but even before you add the sides it is quite strong like an oak in the wind because of the flex it has.

So that’s where I got up to with this. Not a bad start, but need more work on the project and further tutorials on sections and also painting!

As ever, more to come when I can find time!

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